Book 2 Page 21


Do you know why you sleep?


Do you know why you sleep?

Do you know why for eight hour a day you fall in a heap?


This question has been queried since the beginning of time,

a question being asked by the lessor and greater of minds.


For every night we fall into dreams,

never knowing how this fit ‘into a larger scheme.’

Never knowing the dreaming link to ‘being awake.’


Yet every single night to this ‘process’ we partake.


Many religions draw parallels saying; “sleep is like a death,”

a place where one’s awake life ends but then goes onto the next.


Many people are fascinated by the wisdom dreams contain,

Claiming; “we enter in sleep ‘upon another plain.’”


Again and again every single night ‘off to sleep we go.’

Where is it?

                     What is it?

                                        Do we really know?



© Written by Dominic John Gill 11/4/99