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Book 6 Page 8

A country suburban, cowboy man

Chorus one


Sing me a country song make it sad and make it long.

Cause Iím just not happy until Iím sad.

Iím a country suburban cow boy man.

Verse One

Donít sing about the future and the, good times to come.

Sing of life's toil and struggles and a life without the sun.

Sing songs of drought and flooding and the hard working years

In every good old country song, thereís a thousand happy tear.

Verse two

Donít sing about the good times and the lush crop in the fields.

Sing of how my baby left me and how bad life can feel.

Sing of all the hard times and about the cheating game.

Sing of how the kids arenít fed and about the lack of rain.


Verse three

Well I feel so darn right happy with me R.M William boots on,

dancin to ackky breaky heart and singing a country song.

Now Iím so proud to be an Australian, singing songs with an American stroll.

So sing me a country song so I can have a ball.


Chorus twice, + Coda

And please break my heart.

© Written by Dominic John Gill  8/8/99