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Senior school and Adult poetry list, adult like themes

Not for very young children


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Note: This page contains hyperlinks to poems that are not necessarily suitable for very young children. They may not be suitable for young children for they may tend to contain adult like and complex themes. Therefore it is advised that this page hyperlinks not be used by young primary school children unless under adult supervision.


Speech before the last charge Are these the last kind of sentiment a soldier might hear before dieing in war?

Children dream to be someone important Children have dreams and we should all seek to nurture the right ones

Buried in high places Where does the soul go after death?

Falling for the glitter A thought on an unwise perspective of magic

Machinery and men Man's first best friend is his machines, then it's his dog

Time travelling We are all time travelers

What is the real meaning Things are not always as they seem in politics and for humans

I thought I saw evil A powerful and generally not accepted view of what evil is

Motherís dilemma Super mum

Synchronistic This view is published in a psychological review paper by myself

The dancer A poetic look at the universe and evolution

The Slippery truth Perhaps we may all feel this way about the truth from time to time

The world is divided  The world may look this way from a critical point of view

Time A poetic and also philosophical view on 'time'

The greatest fear What really is fear?

Proud to be I'm personally proud to have written this poem

Self esteem It's such an important thing

Six billion people Planet earth is now supporting six billion people

Prey for Prey, even if your not religious

Poetís liberty Poetry must take liberty with expression of 'meanings'

In dreams Dreams hold secrets to who we are

A childís dreams I think sometimes parents have to let their children be what ever they want to be

A country suburban, cowboy man This is actually a song, ah yes, all songs start out as poems

A mind of its own You make up your mind what you think about this one's about, I have my own view

Art and life It's nearly the same thing really!

Caffeine O yes, I like my coffee

Canít reach him Communications systems sometimes fail on us

Dodgem cars Ever felt like this driving to work in the mornings?

Easter time on the Box A humorous go at the 'Television stations' at Easter time

Fatherís advice Parents have to realize sometimes that their advice is just that, "advice"

Flickering light  A philosophical and poetic view on the medium of 'light' through which we live out our life

Iíll kill that kid I'm afraid I'm gonna have to say that this is pretty well a true story about myself

If I were an artist I think it's very important for artist of all kinds to reflect from time to time on what they are doing

She loves beautiful things A 'word portrait' of a kind of person

She never said a word Another 'word portrait' regarding 'the mother image'

Silence construction These are strange sentiments, but as a musician I am trying to say something deep about music

Upon a myth What is a myth, is it real?

Slow as a man can be To every man out there who's not good at getting to meet women, this is for you

Sudden inspiration Some words about the creative process

Teddy bear honor Teddy bears, / something to love

The accidental prophet Beware of false prophets, be them social / political / or spiritual

The art of art What is art, where does it come from? Art is a very important part of human living and culture

The bikie with the beautiful voice Perhaps I am saying, "never judge a book by it's cover"

Unlucky in love This could be the personal story of many a man's love history

Upon our dreams What are dreams?

Which way to Nirvana This poems tells you exactly how to get there!!!

Without love When I wrote this one, I personally pictured this poem being used in a marriage ceremony

Behold the song Mucking around, but also being serious

Dealing with love Reflecting on 'relationships'

Death defying Hm ... could be a real heavy message in this one!

For president Michael Moore -an American celebrity - tried to have a 'tree' run for president. The Ficus tree actually got some votes!

God is great A thought regarding 'resistance to terrorism'

He looks like you Parental views can be distorted

Heavy metal song A thought on 'the young'

I turned chicken Nothing wrong in "turning chicken" I say, if it befits the circumstance

I wanna be a rock star A thought on the 'music industry'

Itís a Ďhave to / have to,í world A sociological thought on 'rules and laws'

Make the grade It looks like we're all trying to make the grade in some kind of way

Man with a gun A serious look at what seems to be common these days, a crazed man with a gun An article about "a gun rampage in America."

The art of politics Politics is an 'art form,' it's perhaps even 'a science'

My youth in a book A reflective look at the choices we make in life

Satirical verse When some people write, it's hard to know if they are telling you the truth or not

She loves beautiful things A description of a type of person. Can you identify, or do you know of such a person?

Show business "There's no business like show business, like no business I know" ...   Speaking about life perhaps This quote is from "Annie Get Your Gun Soundtrack Lyrics See this site for the words of this song

The great American dream A little sarcasm here. Image is one thing, / reality is another

The rush through my veins Ever felt this way?

The sailors fantasy wishes A sailors life

The silhouette lady Got this one by starring out my window at the house across the street

A dream, I would like you to share This poem has special meaning for me personally and is one of the very first poems I wrote that started me off writing this site

Cure my ails Do the healing professions always offer the right solutions, this poem explores our many healing institutions

Evolution A simple and straight forward view on 'evolution' Here's a site that teaches the traditional view of evolution as pioneered by Charles Darwin.

Experience Everyone seems to insist on experience these days when you go for a job

Eyes of a child A philosophical look at the world and it's relations to the individual

Fatherís wayís All advice is not always good advice

Jesus was a great dancer Being casual and jovial in this one, but I still hope it honors the name of "Jesus"

Love me unconditionally Ah, don't we all want to be loved, but have we got what it takes to be worthy of being loved?

Unconditional love, trilogy Speaking about "love" and the concept of "unconditional" love

Unthinkable Is the un thinkable the unperceivable?

Cloud illusions The world seems to be organized into the pessimist, / the optimist / and the pragmatist

Dieing to be thin A poem about 'eating disorders.' Try these web sites,

Foot prints behind I think we all leave a legacy behind, rich / poor, / famous or not

The poetry trade This one looks at 'poetry writing' from a slightly angry point of view

Go to your room Some parents are a bit too harsh on their children

I donít love Australia In this poem I express 'concern' for my country, Australia, is this the same as expressing love for ones country? Parody on a poem called "My Country," written by Dorethea Mackellar See site for original poem.

Life like the turns of a page "The whole world's a stage" said Shakespeare, well what does this mean!?

Mother, itís time to leave An imaginative look at baby's life, that is; before 'baby' is born!

My words, my words A passionate description of the importance of 'expressing oneself'. In terms of this site -and the children reading it in schools, - it is my personal goal to encourage children to express themselves. As for the technicalities of writing and verbal communication they are off course, important, but these things must stand in reference to a child's need / right and joy to express themselves freely

The old poet A look at what it takes to be a poet or a writer

Youíve taken everything Are the pokies a social problem? Of course they are!

The morning after the bomb This one was written well before "terrorism" was a household word due to the attack on the two world towers. This is a really good site on 'terrorism' from "Wilipedia, the free encyclopedia." It gives basic and fundamental information on 'terrorism so that the reader may be well versed in this subject

A fishy story This is a most unlikely story!!!

The serious comedian

Iím not old Some interesting information about 'old age' in America

Life is a story So what kind of story do you want to be?

Make me laugh O jester There are many skits in this site that have the theme of "the king and the jester." This particular one suggest that the king is not always a nice or fair person

My trade is writing The lot of the writer

O time Talking about 'time' as if talking to "time'

Out of sight, out of mind A critical look at the media through the idea of it operating on the premise of; "out of sight / out of mind"

The Major Minor There are lots of big statues around these day. There's one of a 'minor' as you drive into the township of Kupunda, South Australia. Here's a poem about it and a picture

Iím a truckie An imaginative view on what it would be like to be a truck driver. Read all about trucks in this site

We come in peace A critical look at white settlement in America, given from what might be the 'American India's' point of view

Donít make me stop this car When the kids are not behaving in the car

Pow pow your dead Some reflections about child's play and violence in the world. You make up your mind if this is an over reaction. A site speaking a little bit about toy psychology

Fatherís wayís Are there universal things we can say about all fathers? Some thoughts on the psychology of fathering

Iím a smoke alarm In the efforts of 'writing,' you often have to imagine yourself being something you are not. I even surprised myself in this one when I imagined myself being a 'smoke alarm.' You really have to have a burning passion to do this

Chronic Party Syndrome Disorder Other technical term; "Binge drinking." Some thoughts on binge drinking

Thatís progress Sometimes politicians and people use the term, "that's progress" as if to say this justifies what ever they are talking about. This article speaks of the psychological impact that progress has on people

The factory People sometimes talk about "factory life." In this poem I'm talking about "the life of the factory." It seems to be an entity of it's own

The Logie winning dog I reckon the dog I describe in this poem is a lot like a lot of people

The window performance A bit of Shakespearian tragedy for the humble fly

A fool hearty idea Speaking about the wisdom of 'humor'

Does any one believe those ads I can't believe how corny some of the television adds are these days. This article examines the affect that advertising has on people and society

He said he would ring Don't you hate it when someone says they'd be there at a certain time and their not!?

Project man Do you know someone who's into starting projects?

The empty class room Talking perhaps about the 'spirit' of the school

Too many in the big big city Are there too many people in the cities? Here's a site that tells you the populations of cities and countries in the world.

I need space All people in relationships need time to themselves

TV girl Have you ever notice just how good looking and groomed the women in movies can be? Even if the plot calls for them to be dragged through hell they still look like they just stepped out of a beauty salon. An article called, "gender and televisions" which talks about the role that women have played in television

Thuggery on the tar Here's one for those those young people who think that cars are a 'play thing' and the streets their own personal race course

Time for bed This one could have gone into the young children's section, but strangely I think it also has some complex themes

Todayís modern music A little confession before you read this next one. I don't really dislike today's modern music in the way portrayed in this poems, but still I say, some people think this way. So in this poem I have given voice to some people's view of 'modern music'

Hey mate you got a smoke The great tradition of 'scabbing a smoke'

How did I get old This one's for all those who are old and for all those who think 'others' are old

The world is too big It's a big wide adventurous world all right

Upon a heart beat We all tend to take all our body bits for granted. Our brain works properly, our legs walk us around, our lungs breath for us. Here's a little poem about a chap who doesn't take his 'good working heart' for granted

Little moth Apparently; moths fly into the light out of a 'sexual attractions.' I personally don't see anything attractive about making love to a light bulb that's a hundred plus degrees. Especially if that the last thing your ever gonna make love to

The life motto of the young Is this what being 'young' is all about?

The universal drunk A poem about 'the alcoholic.' A general informative article on the alcoholic

They call me a pessimist You really don't want to be identifying yourself with this guy too much, perhaps only just a little!

I went for a walk Walking! it's funny how it can do stuff to you on a therapeutic level

I wish I was a rich man Have you ever wished you were rich. If you haven't you must be a very unusual person

Iím growing old To the young folks reading this poem, don't ever laugh at old people, treat them kindly or you'll might just not grow up to be old yourself. Some psychological thoughts on 'aging' and how we perceive the 'elderly'

Lottery lust I must confess, I did buy a lottery ticket once, how else would I be able to have the insight to write this poem? O by the way, I didn't win!

My child loves knobs This is a description of a real little person, do you know of anyone like this? "O .. and David, thanks for the inspiration on this one"

My cup is empty The symbol of the "cup" has many times been used as the symbol of 'life' itself

The dogs are barking I remember when I wrote this; the dogs were really barking outside. Now when I go to put it on this site, - wouldn't you know it, - my new puppies barking outside. He's just found his first cat to get excited about. But I need not worry about the cat, I should really worry about the little dog. He's too small to be hurting anything

Following a script Speaking about how we tend to follow others without thought. What ever I say in this one, I am also thinking of myself

Whose gonna stop A passionate plea for 'wanting change' regarding the worlds problems. A site called, "kids do ecology"

Depression This poem describes 'depression.' There is no question that if you feel like this poem describes, you need help right away, you are obviously chronically depressed. But if you simply understand and can identify with the words in this poem, well that's just being a healthy human being perhaps! A site that offers help for the depressed as well as speak about what depression is

Dignity A little thought on how to be dignified when faced with a potentially violent situation

O to a summers day A romantic, - some might think an 'overly' romantic view - of a summers day

On a mission 'Purpose,' isn't this the very meaning of life?

The hated leader Here is a description of a hated tyrant leader. You decide for yourself who this is a description of. Unfortunately, it could be one of many leader past and present. A great site called "The Scales of Good and Evil" examining 10 of the worlds most voted evil people An article and site called "beware of bad leaders"

The house wifeís life They say "a house wife's work is never done"

This little diary of mine I've personally never kept a diary, but then, this poetry site is like a diary of sorts

A motherís sad choice This poem is about a new born being given up for adoption by his/her mother. Now I am not a mother and so this has never happened to me. But if it had, I don't think I would have the strength to write this poem. None the less, I hope I have done the situation and the description of "giving up a child to adoption" justice. 

Coming out of a long depression The thing I notice about people in "depressions" is that - sometimes or even often, - people don't even know that they're in depression

The ďOm,Ē Cat style Here is one 'real cool cat!' I picked the picture of a cat up from the internet, I think he was a stray!!!

The bureaucrat A bureaucrat is a; noun: an official of a bureaucracy. A 'bureaucracy' is a; noun: non elective government officials

ĎCat and mouseí played the Ďhard wayí There's only one way to play cat and mouse and that's the hard way

I saw upon a shooting star A different view of the experience of seeing a 'shooting star'

Gentle is the mouse Ever loaded a mouse trap and have you ever thought this?

Innocence personified Is this the sort of thing an innocent person would say?

Just kids fighting A poem describing the old proverb; "boys will be boys"

Cash is king "Money talks" they say

Life is but a dream A poem that is a parody on the song, row row row your boat.,_Row,_Row_Your_Boat

You never think it's going to happen to you That is of course until it does

In jail This poem describes what it might be like in jail. So if your thinking of being a bad boy or girl, think twice!!!

The hurting world

Everyoneís Ďoní something

The chicken concentration camp

The break up Here's a look at a modern 'break up' but with a Shakespearian tone to it. It kind of says in a modern way, "we've lost that lovin feelin" Here's the site with the lyrics to this song.

Sad pig Why should humans treat animals badly? Beside monitory reasons there is no reason why we should not treat animals well other than to say. It is after all a right or moral thing to do." Here's an article on the poor treatment of animals.

Iím a common man

Dead drunk walking Critical of the drunk

Famous for being famous A phenomenon has appeared in the 21 century where people can get famous for being famous. That's an oxy moron really!!!

Swooning the spoon "The term psycho kinesis from the Greek ψυχή, "psyche", meaning mind, soul, or breath; and κίνησις, "kinesis", meaning motion; literally "movement from the mind" See this site for information about "psycho kinesis."  Or this site on information about Uri Geller

Itís a dot com kind of world

I could be a mirror for you

I have a dream

Man and wild animals

The earth is like a giant fish bowl

Iíd be your clown 'Entertainment,' it's a serious business really!!!

The androids are coming 'Toys' ... there's 'just for fun' ... right!!! They don't really teach us anything about life do they!!!

The beliefs of a simple dog Here's some thoughts about "how dogs might think." I was going to get a picture of a dog from the internet and stick it on this poem, but instead I opted to put a picture of my own dog, since I was probably thinking of him at the time. So here's a picture of "Yanto." That's a welsh human name I am told by my Mum