Book 42

Page 49

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The break up


Twis not so sweet now,

as it was before,

before it was closed –

this loves door.


Neither do my memories

sour as like before,

But rather lie motionless

upon the floor.


As my heart ache’s

of a memory embrace,

for I now know desire alone

cannot create, ... love.


For upon nights shadow,

divide us part.

Leaves nothing but,

two broken hearts.


Yet how I long

to be with thee,

But no longer does this

feel like ‘me.’


Me and you are

to be no more, for;

Twis not so sweet now,

as it was before.


Twis not sweet at all,

but bitterly cold.

Twis no longer young or fresh,

but feels like ‘old.’



Like some memory one wishes

one did not have.

Not bringing any tidings,

of good things clad,


No twis not so sweet now,

we’ve lost everything.

For I know too well

of this ‘lover’s sting,’


And of why poets sing

a song lament.

For in my heart

Twis turn cement.


You know my darling

we must part.

Twis not so sweet,

this broken heart.


And O!.
Twis not so sweet now, as it was before.



© Written by Dominic John Gill 10/25/2004