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Book 24 Page 11


Project man


Project man’s always got a hundred projects on the go.

He only hears ‘yes,’ he never hears ‘no!’


He’s like a pyromaniac starting ‘project fires,’

burning himself -and everyone else out-  on all four tyres.


For he always start another project before the previous ones finished.

Project man’s lives on a diet of the strongest kind of spinach.


And every one’s running around helping project man out.

Every one lends a helping hand when project man shouts;


“Help me out with my new project and help out with that.”

He’s always got a good reason to start a new project in his ‘project mental acrobats.’


But he ain’t finished the previous project; or so many before.

But projects man’s obsession is simply to; open up them doors.


But he seldom pays his bills,

yet he wants every one to immediately ‘carry out his will.’


He’s got them bending over backwards assisting project man’s plans;’

plans that are wild and weird and over the top and magnificently grand.


But I suppose one day project man’s ganna collapse and perhaps fall in a heap,

when project man comes out of his ‘project man sleep.’


And hopefully then he’ll look at life with eyes that are ‘much more sublime,’

and see that there is, a slow way of making hay when the sun shines ... and do;

one project,

just one project!

at a time.











© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 7/7/00