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Book 27 Page 50


Life is a story


Life is a story;

the curtain opens at birth

and close on the day we die.

Set on the stage of ‘the earth,’

with the sun as the ‘spot light’ in the sky.


Life is a story;

it has stories to sadden the heart

and to make the soul dance.

And the greatest story within this story is always about’

love and devotion / and affection and romance.


Life is a story;

not unlike the stories of a film,

or the stories in a good book,

but in this story

the character’s playing ‘are real.’


Life is a story of tragedy

and of pure exhilaration.

And life is always the very stuff

of our own 'imagination.'


Life is a story;

and within all it’s glory,

it has glitter and hype.

Life is its own story

in the ever expanding plots of life.


Life is a story;

we are the stars

and the earth is our stage.

And as the pages of this story turn,

‘we’ grow and age.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 9/8/00