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Book 20 Page 18


The universal drunk


The drunk has certain ‘universal traits,’

yet still a personalities that is quite unique.

But there is a common thread of connective ness,

a something ‘suppressive’ and ‘mystique-id-ness.’


Of the many types of drunks there is the “happy drunk,”

the one who finds most everything a joke.

Laughing most loudly at there own sense of humor,

encourage others in a 'false hope stupor.'


And then there are the drunks who are “morbid,”

with view’s all to their own.

And it is they that feel the most unhappy,

a staggering home ‘alone.’


And then there’s the drunk who “hinds everything.”

Nothing can get passed their shell.

These are the drunks who live,

within there own ‘living hell.’


But for all the drunks the universal trait is constant,

and it has something to do with what they ‘have buried.’

Something deep within themselves, / something precious!

although the personality types do vary.


And it is this something that all drunks are looking for.

It is this “something” that they will not give themselves.

So instead they turn to the bottle,

in a vague fruitless journey ‘for help.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/8/00