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Book 28 Page 4


The serious comedian


The serious comedian, /

he takes ‘joking around’ quite seriously.

"Being funny is a precise and professional art form”

he says with a passion and a sense of earnestly.


He even takes to studying his jokes,

/ he remembers them all off by heart.

And often his most favorite joke starts with the line;

“did you here about the man who got eaten by a shark”

(Or some other tragic beginnings like that.)


The serious comedian considers his jokes as a way

of changing the ‘sadness’ in the world.

He tends to think that; telling a joke is like a kind of therapy

to bring people out of their ‘introverted shell.’


For he’s got a joke for every catastrophe,

a joke for events that most would consider ‘tragic.’

For he thinks of laughter as being a healer

and something from the heaven that’s ‘sheer magic.’


“Comedy is an art form” he says,

“and I’m the ‘healer’ with the ‘funny face.’

And so I’ll tell my jokes the best I can

to put an end to sadness and our ‘of times’ unhappy fate.”


His motto in life goes somewhat similar to the old proverb;

“if you laugh the whole world laughs along.”

He also adds;

“things are always much better if you tell a joke

and sing a funny song.”


© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 11/8/00