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Book 20 Page 41


Iím growing old


Iím getting old,

my bits are falling off.

And when I get up in the morning

the first thing I do is Ďcough.í


My brain ainít what it use to be,

itís slowing down at a rapid pace.

And right in front of me my bodies growing old,

and up and going to waste.


Iíve had a pace maker fitted,

I had trouble with me heart.

Iím telling you! ďas I get older,

Iím loosing all me parts.Ē


But I can still love and I can still breath,

and I still have my Ďimagination.í

And I can still care for others,

if this is any constellation!


So donít burry me yet

if you see me slouched on my couch.

I am after all going on ninety,

I am what the young fellers say these days,

ďĎstill going strong and not out.Ē


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/6/00