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An article about "a gun rampage in America."

Book 14 Page 31

Man with a gun


Thereís a man with a gun, on the run,

firing bullet in a suburban street.

A crazed man youíd not want to meet.


I wonder "what has bothered him"

as he roams the street with his supercilious grin.

And O does he know the mess heís in

and that in the end, he ainít ganna win.


Thereís a squad of markís men about to gun him down,

in this once quiet suburban town.

Wonder if he knows heís about to die!?

Wonder if he even cares or knows why!?


And this town will never be the same

because of one lone gun man who walked these streets insane.

I wonder, O I wonder from where he came!?

And I wonder if it is only him that we can point the finger of blame.


Gun laws say; we have the rights to carry arms,

even if from time to time innocent people are killed or come to harm.

Iím wondering like you no doubt, whenís it all ganna stop!?

Will someone please take the guns out of the shops?!


Our rights to carry arms

should be second consideration when innocent people are harmed.

Little child lies dead in the street

as a gun man, / a child and / societies apathetic ways meets.


One more gun drama and yet, the next is not that far behind.

Got to wonder about the apathetic ways of mankind.

How many death will it take,

before it is for another family, too late? 2/3/00