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Book 1 Page 34

Love me unconditionally


O I wish someone would love me unconditionally?

I know this would is a lot to be asking of me.

For when I am unreasonable, I would still liked to be loved.

And when I push, I think I should not receive in return, an understandable shove.



For I want to be loved, as I ‘will not’ love others.

Like the never ending unconditional love of a mother or a father.

Like the faithful affection love of the family dog.

Like the blissful eternal love, of the blissful eternal god.



But I am not prepared to love as, deeper as I believe.

I am not prepared to give out what deep down ‘I want to receive.’

I’m not prepared to give, but still I believe I got a right to receive.


And Hey, I’m just not prepared to do this, it’s just too hard!

But I still want to be have

 ‘unconditional love.’


Will someone love me ‘unconditionally!!!?’


© Written by Dominic John Gill  1/4/99