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Book 4 Page 33

Man and wild animals


Animals have a natural

fear of man,

they always run away,

if they can.


And if they are

of the feather type.


take to flight.


And if they are born

with scales and fins.




For man and animals seldom meet together harmoniously,

out in the oceans or in the wild open field.

This is because man has shown he does not care, time and time again,

to how the animals might feel.


But! man would have it understood,

that it is only the wild beast who preys,

But so ‘man,’



Animals seem to have a natural fear on man.

Some say this is all in the ‘natural plan.’

Some say it is the natural plan of, beast and man.

The natural plan, of the so called, ‘natural man.’



© Written by Dominic John Gill  7/7/99