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Book 2 Page 19

Jesus was a great dancer

Jesus was a great dancer,

for he knew all the steps,

even the ones that in his time

were not even invented yet.


The way he did the ‘side step’ with Pilot when he said;

“Who do you say you are?”

The way he did that side shuffle

proved he was a star.


The way he weaved around the Pharisees,

while prancing with the Jews.

Jesus danced so gracefully

it was as though he called the tune.


For many tryed to step on his toe,

but his movements were so fine.

He was so light on his feet that

he kept them all in time.


Mary Magdalene fell to Jesus' feet,

checking out his size.

She was making him a pair of dancing shoes,

but this she did disguise.


For they often went dancing together,

and to her he would enchant.

She was his favourite dancing partner.

She was his sweet heart debutant.


Jesus was even a great ballet dancer,

and upon the water he would glide.

And he tried to teach others to dance like him,

encouraging all to try.


Jesus was a real hot dancer in his time,

the kind of guy who could dance you of your feet.

Some say “Jesus was the greatest dancer ever!”

(even better than Fred Astaire!)

that you could ever meet.                                 

 © Written by Dominic John Gill  11/4/99