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Book 43 Page 5

Famous for being famous


I’m famous for being famous.

They throw money at me,

just for being …well  …



I do nothing particularly well,

yet I’m everything you want me to be, everything you want to be.

But the difference between you and me is …

Well, … I’m me!!!


I strut the walk and talk the talk

doing it essentially because I can!

And squawk the squawk that famous people do,

all in the name of ‘capitalis-am’.


And I can’t sing, and some even say “I can’t even think”.

and I admit “I can’t dance.”

But there is one thing I do have on my side and that’s my

most unusual kinds of flings and romances.


They say that I’ve slept my way to the top;

and of course that isn’t true!!!

You don’t want to believe everything,

the tabloids tell you.


And you’ve got all the ‘Goss’ on me

in the glossy magazines,

and did you know that every time you buy one of those things,

I get richer to the point of ‘obscenity.’


And if your desire is to be like me, then I’ll give you a bit of free advice:

Start acting like you’re famous and look real nice.

Look … very very pretty and nice

and be seen to buy things at ten times their proper price.


It works for me like a charm.

I get paid for nothing really, a leg and an arm!!!


Just for being famous.

Just for being famous,

Just for being famous.

Just for being … well … ‘me!’


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created  Nov 20, 2006