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Book 8 Page 31*

The accidental prophet


The accidental prophet came to the job

by sheer mistake.

Not because he’s a mystic or divine, (for he is not.)

He is but a man of simple pleasures yet he is also a profound, ‘guru fake.’


It is however his way to speak passionately about things,

about the ocean and the sky and the seasons.

He speaks about these things with great import all the time.

But in his case he is simply speaking literally,

he is not at all, (as others put it) being sublime.’


But everyone else thinks he is

and so they all listened with bated breath.

Thinking that he speaks in symbols and analogies

and with meanings hidden and of great spiritual depth.


But he’s just talking about his fishing and gardening

and about the simple pleasures he knows,

and of how in his words -and I quote,-

“every thing in the garden either withers or grows.”


But he’s not talking metaphorically at all, (for when it comes to stuff like that, )

he knows ‘next to nothin.’

It’s only everyone else who projects that he’s the,

new and great ‘oracle and prophet.’


One day it came to pass, he walked into the centre of town and proclaimed,

“bad skies ahead, no more sun,”

for he had observed the ants and figured out,

"rains storms are ganna come."


But he had said it with such intensity and with such purpose,

(for ant behaviour was one of his most favourite subjects,) that they all took this to mean;

“Repent sinners! the end is near,

the truth must be embraced.”

And so pretty soon they started throwing him money

as if to buy his love / forgiveness and grace.


And O! of course to his pleasant surprise this inspired him on no end,

especially when he heard them shout and praised his name.

But even then he never actually cottoned on to the fact that he was involved in,

‘the guru game.’


And so the ‘accidental prophet’ could not really be accused of deceiving or

'in doing anyone any harm.'

It’s really not his fault; he’s just got this (god given gift of having,)

‘an accidental guru type charm.’


And because of this people flock from all over the world and gather round him

whenever he opens his mouth.

They, (the seekers,) come from all over the land,

from east and the west, to the north and the south;


expecting him to proclaim and speak about his

wonderfully deep insights and revelations.

And most times when he stops talking, (talking about what he really knows nothin about,)

they stand up and give him, a ‘standing ovation.’


And so!

what could we imagine to be the moral or meaning to this story?

I personally believe that it is as the accidental prophet ‘does.’

It is not for me to judge.

We are all free to think as we will.

Now don’t you think this is of the highest wisdoms?!


© Written by Dominic John Gill   29/10/99