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Book 21 Page 3


How did I get old


How did I get old?

It seems like only yesterday

I was just a little boy,

playing with my toys.


The pages of my life

must have got caught in the wind.

Where have they all gone!?

Where have I been!?


I dont remember getting old,

But alas! It seems I am reminded every day,

here comes the old man

my sons now say.


And I say back to them;

dont call me an old man you hear.

Imagining I can still give them a quick

clip round the ears.


But they tower above me

thinking no doubt Ive got senile dementia.

But I could teach them a thing or two,

of human adventure.


In my day I was a pretty good

boxer in the ring.

Young little wiper snappers, ha!

they dont know a thing!


But alas these days when I look into the mirror I think,

its true, I am getting old and there is no cure!

Im not the handsome young man I though I was,

who was once so trim and demure.


And it is then that I realize;

I am getting old.


Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/2/00