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Book 24 Page 37


Does any one believe those ads



Does any one fall for those ads

where the guy gets the good looking chick!?

Just because he’s got the right shampoo

and the right kind of roll on stick.


Just because he’s got mint-ty breath

and non stick deodorant.

Does anyone really believe

what they say in these advertisements?


Are there really people out there

rushing to buy the right kind of perfume,

in the belief they’ll get;

‘sex’ real soon.


With bright shinning teeth

and nice smelling underarms, /

does anyone really believe this stuff can replace

‘good old fashion charm.’


Come on! who really gives a stuff

what cigarette you puff?!

Or what way you smell in that false ‘sexual bluff.’

Who really cares if you look cool or tuff,


Enough I say!!!;


does any one believe all this advertising stuff?

Raise your hands!?



© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 7/23/00