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Book 33 Page 3


You’ve taken everything


I’ve given you

all my time.

and in return you just give me your

‘lemon signs.’

While striping me of my last,


And now!

I’ve lost everything.


You enticed me in with your,

lights that shine.

Coaching me to think,

‘everything’s ganna be fine.’

Glitzy promises saying,

“Have good time.”

And now!

you’ve taken everything.


And dollar by dollar I’ve got myself into a,

financial bind.

Steadily loosing in a classic,

poky decline.

Guess now I’ve got to turn to,

social security or crime.

Cause now I’ve got nothing.


And lady luck doesn’t seem to be,

on my side.

Need more money to give it just,

one more try.

Feel like I want to commit,


Now that I’ve given you everything.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  4/18/2001