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"There's no business like show business, like no business I know" ...   is a quote is from "Annie Get Your Gun Soundtrack Lyrics See this site for the words of this song

Book 11 Page 9


Show business







There’s no business like ‘show ‘business.

And to a baker there’s no business like ‘dough’ business.

To the tip truck driver there’s no business like ‘the tow ‘business.

And farmer brown in the ‘sow and grow’ business.



For the type rope walker it’s all, ‘slow’ business.

To the ballet dancer it’s, ‘tip toe’ business.

For the rock climber it’s straight up ‘vertigo ‘business.

And for the sailors it’s a, ‘steady as she goes’ business.


Criminals business is ‘low ‘business.

The Mafia business is ‘unknown’ business.

The conservatives try to maintain the, ‘status quo’ business.

While the revolutionist rebel is involved in the ‘over throw’ business.


The clever profess to be in the, ‘only we know’ business.

The confused mope around in the, ‘incognito’ business.

The ecstatic jump up and down in the, ‘Ye ho ‘business.

And the sad and depressed remorse in the, ‘O no!’ business.


An unborn baby only knows the ‘embryo ‘business.

While the expecting father walks the corridor in the, ‘to-and-fro’ business.

Mums in the labor ward in the, ‘inhale and blow’ business.

While the midwife deals with all the, ‘down below’ business.



The bands rocking on stage in their, ‘show ‘business.

With the bass players totally absorbed in the, ‘low ‘business.

And Freda’s tinkering away on the ‘banjo’ business.

While the singer swoons to the girls in the, ‘Romeo’ business.


The Pope’s  saying preys in the saintly, ‘hallo’ business.

While mathematician count the dollars in the, ‘ratio ‘business.

The prostitutes up stairs in the, ‘pro’ business.

While the clients busy in the, ‘O---O,--OH ! ‘ business.


Yes, every body’s got their own, ‘so and so’ business.

Cause we’re all in life’s same, ‘grow’ business.

Remember there is no other better show, than to take a bow,

than in one of life’s, theatricals,


So lets all have a go at steeling the show.

Let’s all go on living the life we know,

let's go on steeling the show.





© Written by Dominic John Gill 10/12/99