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Book 37 Page 8

‘Cat and mouse’ played the ‘hard way’




Go on mouse, run!


What do you mean “no,” I’m letting you go, now run!


No I’m not going to run, what’s the use!!!?

You’re a hundred times bigger than me, what’s the use. Every one hundred steps I take, you only have to take one. At those odds I’d be exhausted before I know it. No I’m not going to run; I have my dignity and pride, even if I am, ‘just a mouse’ to you.


But mouse, you’re a mouse, that’s what you’re supposed to do!!! And I’m a cat, it’s in my nature to play with you for as long as I can before you drop dead and then I eat you.


Well you might as well and ‘go and eat’ me right now, cause I’m not running. I’m not giving you the satisfaction of your sadistic tendencies. Go on, eat me now if you want!


How about this, I’ll just throw you up in the air like this. Wee!!!


Still not movin!


How about if I put my paw on you like this!


Nope, that’s not getting me going either. You see cat, I know what gets your juices flowing. I’ve seen you play with my dearly departed brothers and sisters. You call it “play” do you!!!? As far as I can see it’s all quite primitive behavior really. You throw us up in the air and when we land, we make a prophetic little dash for it. And all for your ‘entertainment’ it seems. For all along this only serves to spark off neurons in your little brain and excite you even more. Its all ‘hard wiring’ for you isn’t it!!!? You just do it because you’re programmed to, don’t you!? Well “programming” or not; I’m not playing, I’m not running.


Move mouse, don’t just lay there.

Don’t you know it’s agonizing for ‘we’ cats to stand in front of a mouse that’s not moving / not responding!? Move mouse or I’ll eat you now!!!


Nope, go ahead, eat me, make my day!!!


Move, I’m quickly getting board, now move.

Nap, no way, get stuffed, not going to.


And so for ten minutes the mouse just stood still, while they both played ‘cat and mouse’ the hard way. Then after ten minutes of agonizing waiting, (that is for the cat,) suddenly the mouse proclaimed, “why, what’s that over there!?” The cat turned around to see what it was and suddenly, the mouse made his dash. Running over the cat kennel, / around the corner of the house and down into a mouse hole where he found himself safe and sound.


And so boys and girls, this is how you play, ‘cat and mouse’ the hard way. Yet in truth, there is no easy way to play ‘cat and mouse’ if you’re the little guy up against the big guys. So in taking example from this story, remember this as you go through life. It will hold you in good stead.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 4/16/2006