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Book 3 Page 34

Machinery and men


We once use to say that a "dog is mans best friend,"

but now it must be said that itís "machinery and men."

For the mighty machine,in the hands of man,

is forging the steel and tilling the land,

Changing the environment,  creating the mood,

but does anyone know where thatís leading us to?


The TV, with its ability of controlling the mind,

has captured the attention of most of mankind.

So be on your guard, take heed what it says,

and pay special attention to what enters your head,

for itís subtle suggestions and panoramic views,

Has its own way of imposing morality on you.


Oh, Iíd really like to know where thatís leading us to?

Iíd like to know where are we going to?


The computer machine ,the grandest of them all,

has come to the aid of manís desperate call.

To protect and control, to keep track of the wealth,

now a ruler of sorts all unto itself.

Now a ruler of knowledge with its zillions of files,

yet all along we pretend to have control all the while.


Oh Id like to know which way do we go?

Iíd like to know, does any one know?


Some say nuclear bombs are an investment in peace,

so now bombs are poised from the west to the east,

and the mind set is strong in favour of bombs

but the simply logic of a child can see that "this is wrong."

Machines in charge of 'automatic weapons' with a program to kill,

like a mouse trap it is loaded to carry our will.


Can anyone say it will never be used?

Can anyone say where weíre headed to?



There is so much potential let loose from our hands,

such a dangerous arrangement is Ďmachinery and man.í

So much potential for good and for bad,

time will only tell if were sane or were mad.

Blind faith in machines, in technology,

wonít guarantee our survival or bring harmony.


Can anyone see the grand over plan?

Does anyone know the true relationship of machine and of man?

Man and machines ,forging a bond, dictating how we feel,

a combination of blood and bones, of plastic and of steel.

A combination as dangerous as a 'match to a fuse,'

a combination that is so very easily abused.


So Iíd like to know, can anyone say,

where weíre going on this twenty first century day?

I want to know what is the right way?


So much potential let loose from our hands

In this dangerous liaison between machinery and man.


Oh  Iíd like to know...

where we are going to!?


© Written by Dominic John Gill  Written about 84