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Book 13 Page 14


My youth in a book


The years of my youth were spent behind a desk.

I was ambitious, I was going to make it, there was no time for rest.


I spent both night and day studying law,

while my peers enjoyed themselves, I studied more.


I got good grades; I passed with straight As.

But now I wonder if it was all worth it, as I now begin to age.

And I wonder as I stair out my fancy office window,

where did my youth go!?


And I wonder to myself, if I had my time to do all over again

would I spend my entire youth behind a desk, holding a pen.


And I think to myself; if I had my time to do it all over again,

Id occasionally put down my books

and go out side and have a look at;


the big wide wonderful world.


Written by Dominic John Gill 24/2/00