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Book 31 Page 3


This little diary of mine


This little diary of mine,

I have told you so much.

And I hope no one ever, ever - ever opens you up

to take a look.

Thatís not unless I say so.


For in this little diary of mine are my lifeís secrets,

and I canít believe Iíve told even you!

Putting my intimate feelings and thoughts into words,

needing to express myself I suppose.


And in these little life telling pages of mine,

I have my thoughts and feelings that I suppose will not last the tide of ages.

And no doubt I will read this little book of mine once again,

when life has turned itís many pages.


And I wonder! will I laugh at this little book of mine?

and think of myself as maybe; a little carried away - or who knows perhaps - clever or smart.

And I wonder if then Iíll write down my thoughts in another little book,

thoughts and feeling of how these words now move my then older heart.


But for now; I must close this little book of mine, containing this little life of mine,

but not before my name is signed.

For another day has finished and passed and run through my mind,

and now itís time to close my eyes for another sleep time,

and to close this little, book of mine.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 2/27/2001