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Book 6 Page 46

A mind of its own


Thereís a coke can rolling down my street

and itís as though itís got a mind of its own.

I think itís teamed up with a 'wind spirit'

to help it on its way home.


It roles to the left and then to the right

and then all of a sudden it leaps into the air.

Like a gesture of defiance itís got no steady course

as it roles to, who knows where!


Then suddenly a kid arrives on the scene,

and he gives the coke can a much need kick.

Itís as though the kid was ordered to by the can to,

ďhelp it travel on its mystery trip.Ē


Then it goes rattling down the street

speeding as fast as a coke can, can.

Aided by its friend the wind,

by the earth and its natural fan.


And here I stand;

watching a coke can roll down the street?

seemingly defying natural laws.

Going somewhere it seems;


as it tingles and rolls and scrapes away

upon the road side floor.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 11/10/99