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Book 27 Page 22


I could be a mirror for you



I could be a mirror for you.

I could show you ‘you,’

through my view.


I could reflect your inner self,

if only you would

‘let me help.’


For I know you well

and I hold you dear.

I could reflect back to you what I hear.


Cause I’m looking at you from a different angle

and from my position,

you glitter an spangle.


I could show you sides of yourself that

‘you yourself do not see,’

by simply showing you, a little of me.


And in this I could be your mirror,

I could be your ‘reflection,’

if only you would ‘make the connection.’


I could be your mirror,

a mirror through my eyes.

I could be your mirror if only you’d let me try.





© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 9/26/00