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Book 1 Page 5

Eyes of a child



What am I to make

of the large and the complex,

for at heart I still feel like a small child

living from one day to the next.


How am I to hold my own

and walk with my head up high,

when I am just one of many billions living,

beneath this massive earth sky.


Living in this universe /

in it’s vastness of space.

How am I to find my way

in this great monstrous place?


What am I to make

of this world that’s so big?

Indeed it’s enough to make one feel

like an ‘experimental, guinea pig.’




For although I am fully grown

I still feel like a child, / only old!

The universe has somehow grown bigger

Despite what I imagined or was told.


And strangely enough I find;


the bigger the world seems,

the smaller it becomes

when one lives like a child

under a ‘wondrous’ moon and sun.




And just like a child I’m still wondering,

wondering about the ‘vastness of space.’

Yet I know in a different way now that the world is still a

huge and playful, and joyous place.


So in a way I feel I have not aged / nor gone anywhere,

For in being old I have learnt again ‘to dare.’

To dare to be like a child, / simply and free.

Just little old me in this great big universe.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  20/2/99