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Book 14 Page 34

Itís a dot com kind of world


Itís a dot com world, every bodies just a finger tip away in this "dot com" / high tech world of today.


Thereís dot com shopping and dot com chat.

Dot com this and dot com that.


Dot com baby minders, monitor baby on line.

Dot com order your dinner, when you ainít got time.


Dot com, millions of people hooked up around the earth.

Dot com just about everything for what it is worth.


Nothingís secret or sacred; you can even dot com your sexual pleasure.

Dot com absolutely everything these dayís, accept dot com for better weather.


You can, Dot com the Vatican, for on line confessions.

Dot com the University for any Kind of Academic Lesson.


Dot com everything; the worlds your own virtual dot come reality.

The whole worldís just a dot com kind of hospitality.


Hello dot com Mum and hello dot com Tom.

Absolutely everythingís ganna be dot com before too long.


Yep itís a dot com kind of world where the world is at your feet,

I mean 'screen' and Iím, ...  Ďloving it.í


Yours Sincerely


John Smith at dot com.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 8/3/00