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Book 25 Page 36

 The Logie winning dog


The Logie winning dog,

he’s got ‘pretending’ down pat.

He can put on a woozy sad face

in a logie winning act.



How about a false limp?

How about the other leg?

And how about a suck up trick,

with an incredible convincing beg?


“O! I’m in trouble!"

Better put on my ‘sorry look.’

Before I get a

swift right hook.


Yes the logie winning dog

he’s a lot like you and me, don’t you think?

Going smoothly and unnoticeably into an act,

before you can even blink.


Always trying to get

something from the pack.

By going into a smooth transition in a;

‘Logie winning act.’


© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 8/1/00