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Book 27 Page 25


My trade is writing


My trade is writing,

my tools are paper and pen.

And when inspiration ‘strikes’ I write;

no matter where I might be or when.


I work odd and strange hours,

my pay is sometimes poor, / sometimes good.

And I shape sentences,

where as a carpenter might shape his wood.


My work is sometimes lonely,

as I often travel far.

But when I go to work; I travel in my mind /

where as others might ‘travel by car.’


The dictionary is my work companion,

to check my meanings are right.

I am a writer and I go a traveling and a wondering

in my many ‘imaginative plights.’


And when I return from my journeys,

I describe what and where I’ve been.

So that you to may go on a journey too,

to see what I have seen.


My trade is in dreams and images,

in thoughts and in feelings and ideas.

And I present you with many adventures

so that we may both over come our fears.


My trade is a very ancient one,

and I am honored when I excel.

But these days this is only when I have a good publisher,

who will make sure that my writing will sell.


My trade is in ‘expression,’

mixing adjectives / nouns and verbs.

I tell stories, / make analogies and educate

in the sentences of the ‘written word.’

I am a writer and writing is my trade.

© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 9/25/00