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Book 20 Page 35


My child loves knobs

My child loves knobs and dials,

he loves anything that he can fiddle.

He moves them around tirelessly,

as he make his little ‘giggle.’


Touching knobs / and sliders / and buttons

is his favorite joy.

I give him knobs for Christmas

instead of the normal toys.


And he turns them left and turns them right,

he slides them up and down.

Seeing if anything happens

with his super silliest frown.


And we gave him his own computer,

he clicks the keyboard till his hearts content.

And when he moves the mouse

he wonders where the pointer went.


He must have been given a ‘twiddle jean,’

and he’s driving us all forlorn.

My son has had this knob obsession

since the day that he was born.


And were hoping one day that he’ll grow out of it,

cause the house just hasn’t been the same.

The TV knobs are always altered,

and it’s always ‘him’ playing his ‘knob turning game.’


And so we’ve put bars around our Telly,

he’s been told “now don’t you go near it!”

But I really don’t think that he can help himself because of his

addictive knob turning habits.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/6/00