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Book 31 Page 40


On a mission


Have you ever thought that maybe you’re on a mission?

And that every single thing you do and say is always coming to theist ion.


And that even if you’re day seems like it’s meaningless and adds up to nil.

This is still the mission being faithfully fulfilled.


And that we’re all; (every single one of us) like a Jesus or Buddha with a mission to share.

Though we may oft times think (and understandably) that ours lacks their flare.


For just because we’re not running around in a toga and a white robe,

we are all none the less on a mission with great purpose upon life’s road.


Have you ever thought of yourself as being on a mission in this way?

and realized that there is great purpose in life, -in the every single second - of ever single day.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 2/27/2001