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Book 25 Page 32


I知 a smoke alarm


I知 a smoke alarm,

all day and night long I sniff.

To protect you and your family,

just in the slight chance if;


there is any smoke.

For where there is smoke there is fire,

and then I値l go off.

Screaming louder than you can and higher.


And I値l keep on screaming,

even if I have to go down with the ship.

I値l give up my life if I have to

in my selfless role of; 組uardianship.


So if you haven稚 got me installed,

get yourself a 壮moke alarm,

to keep you and your family safe

so that you don稚 have to come to harm.


ゥ Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 7/30/00