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Book 23 Page 50


TV girl


TV. girl

She’s always manages to look so pretty.

Surviving as she does so elegantly,

in the worldly street wise city.


She’s brea kin balls,

She’s brea kin all the rules,

and what ever she’s does she’s;

looking so good so the viewer can drool.


And when she fights,

she’s the sexiest sight.

Even when she kills those bad guys,

she looks good so good in those skimpy erotic tights.


Her make up’s invincible,

her hair styles can’t be unruffled.

She’s our good old archetypal girl getting into our;

good old archetypal TV. trouble.


So be sure that what ever she does,

she’ll come out looking pretty.

That busty blond girl, measuring in at, 38, 25, 36,

of the big time neon light city.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 7/1/00