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Book 20 Page 37


Little moth


Little moth

flying to the light.

Squiggly death defying circles in a;

squiggly death defying plight.


O little moth!

donít fly to the light bulb so close,

or else youíll finish up

a fried up little moth-y ghost.


But round and round in a circle he goes

like a teddy bear.

One step / two step,

into the burning snare.


Frizzle - frat - Zap,

Now the little moth is gone.

Poor little moth got caught up in this

ancient sexual phenomenon.


And here comes another,

heís headed for the same Karma.

And if he doesnít watch out heís ganna finish up in the same

moth-y Zig - Zagging squiggly drama.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 5/9/00