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Book 37 Page 24

Gentle is the mouse


Gently nibbles the mouse upon my cheese.

She would set of my trap with just a sneeze.

But she is - as they say, - “as quite as a mouse,”

and as courteous as you please.

And so she takes my bait skillfully and gently,

and then



So again I set my trap.

“Come on little mouse, you must bleed.

Set off my trap please…”

“For my house is full of your dirty feces.

I don’t want to die of your filthy disease.”


But gentle nibbles ‘mouse’ upon my cheese again.

Taunting danger

as merrily she avoids her end.

One false move,

and it’s a, ‘chop on her head.’

And I will be happy,

and she will be dead.


But gently nibbles mouse upon my cheese.

Gently / gentle little mouse.


 © Written by Dominic John Gill 12/19/2004