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Book 24 Page 23


A fool hearty idea


The king proclaimed to the Jesters angrily,

“You must be joking! what a stupid and fool hearty idea Jester.”

And there upon, proceeded to kick the Jester out of the castle.


But after several days of reflection

the king realized that the Jester’s idea’s were not so fool hearty

after all and that he was indeed; ‘right.’


And so it just goes to show you; a, b, and c


A) What’s funny at first may turn out to be sheer genius on reflection.

B) Make sure you mull over your crazy ideas first,

before you dismiss them out of hand, and;

C) Never kick your Jester out of town.


Jesters have a way of having great wisdom and being ‘right.’

For they have the ability to see, the funny side of things first.

Something that mere men and even kings over look.

© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 7/9/00