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Book 21 Page 28



Upon a heart beat










Upon a little heart beat

I live my life.

Bomb bomb bomb;

if it stops Iím in strife.


And itís been pumping

a thousand million times,

and up till now,

itís doing fine.


I check it every once in a while going,

Bomb bomb bomb,

To make sure

Iím still alive.


My little clock / besides my brain is my

very most favorite possession.

Going bomb - bomb - bomb

sometime slow / sometimes in quick succession.


And when it stops one day

(and I hope that wonít be soon.)

When it stops playing

that bomb bomb tune;


Iíll be off somewhere else no doubt,

with another kind of heart,

taking with me all the love of the world

when this body and me depart.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 6/5/00