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Book 8 Page 7

Slow as a man can be


If I don’t get my act together

she’ll go off with another man.

O I’m not very fast in the ‘romance department,’

haven’t got any strategic plan.


I just blunder along pretending,

"everything will work out just find."

And when it comes to that certain moment

I totally miss my chance for the catch line; lines like;


“Hey baby! why don’t you come up to my place?”

“Or, “would you like to come in for coffee?”

These might be other guys lines

but it’s simply! Just not me.


Usually at these points I change the subject really quick.

O god! I make myself sick.

I must be thick, I must be thick!

I’m as thick as a god dame brick.


O no! now I see her talking over there

talking with another guy.

That’s it, it’s all over.

And why! why I ask myself!?


All because I haven’t got my ‘act together.’

I’m as slow as a wet weed.

This man’s never ganna get married,

or sow his wild oat seeds.


And after a while I begin to think

that there’s “something seriously wrong with me.”

Haven’t got the words -and that special way- when I need them.

I’m as slow as a man can be.


© Written by Dominic John Gill  27/10/99