Book 39

Page 10

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Cash is king


Cash is king,

money rules the world.

If you’ve got money you can be on top of the world.

You can own some of it.

You can even get to destroy some of it.

You can do with it what you want,

Cause everyone knows;

Cash is king.


And when you’re ‘the king,’

you can tell others what to do,

and they’ll always do it willingly

no matter what it is.

For they know too that;

Cash is king.


But beware; for they might try and knock you off your thrown.

They might try and make ‘what’s yours their own.’

For it seems that we’re all fighting like dogs over the same bone,

For we humans know that;

‘Cash is king,’


At least that’s what we seem to be telling ourselves in our capitalistic societies.


© Written by Dominic John Gill 31/oct/2006