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Book 8 Page 3

Art and life


To some people a poem must clearly spell things out.

They do not like poems with ‘abstracts’ hanging about.


For some people feel frustrated when there are ‘loose ends.’

‘Meanings not tied together’ drive them round the bend.


Yet others don’t mind words and meanings strangely interlaced.

Like the scene of a teenager bedroom, with cloths strewn all over the place


For some; a painting is not a good painting if its perspective’s are out of shape

with strange colours that appear, ‘not to relate.’


Trees must be a uniform and standard size and this applies to people too.

The sky must not be yellow or orange, but of the standard, ‘two shade blue.’


Yet others don’t mind if there are colours all over the place like crazy.

Feeling that it all tends to sharpen their mind when the worlds a little hazy.


For some; music is not good music if it is not ‘sweet and classical.’

If it has tension and discordance it is considered ‘unrealistical.’


Like the unconventional music of ‘modern Jazz.’

For some people, this music is simply, ‘crass.’


Yet others don’t mind breaking the rules.

“The rules are there to be broken” is their particular school.


For some people the world must be ordered, all of the time.

And they will not tolerate anything, of a ‘deviation kind.’


Yet for others, Chaos, perplexity and even ‘disorder’ are all part of the plan.

Particularly and especially, for the ‘species of man.’


I suppose this all show up the wisdom of the old adage that;

‘art and life are relative.”

© Written by Dominic John Gill  26/10/99