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Book 37 Page 42

Innocence personified


What me! Guilty, n---oo

I wouldnít hurt a fly.


Just look at this innocent face!

This is the kind of face that any mother would love!?

I donít have a mean bone in my body.


Why Ö I donít even know the meaning of Ďbad!

I was raised to be kind and to love.

Do these paws look red to you?


Iím telling you, Iím innocent.

And if Iím not, well Ö

may the good lord strike me down, /

throw my body into the deepest dungeon and

throw away the key.


Iím innocent Iím telling you,

as innocent as a baby in a cradle.

You do believe me,

donít you!!!???

donít you!!!?




 © Written by Dominic John Gill 08/08/2004