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Book 35 Page 30


Foot prints behind


As we go walking though

life’s space and time,

we leave upon it our

deeply personal sign,

we leave in effect,

our ‘foot prints’ of a kind.


Foot prints to show

who we are and

where we’ve been.

Of where were going


what we think ‘life mean.’


Footprints (though we may not know it)

are used by others as ‘leads.’

Where they in turn seek out

their own loves,

and their

‘intimate needs.’


For as we go walking though

life’s space and time;


we leave upon it footprints that form

the very make up of a

‘future man kind.’

Footprints made from both

heart and mind in ‘footprints,’

(in those metaphoric foot prints) that we leave behind.  Feb 27 2002