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Book 27 Page 39


We come in peace


“We come in peace,” they said,

and they smoked the peace pipe.

But we the American’s Indians were soon to learn

this was a lie and ‘white mans hype.’


For they did not come in peace,

they did not even respect the land.

'They come to take' we were soon to learn

what they can.


And as the great ancestors looked on

my race was ‘over run.’

As brave worrier fourth as hard

to beat back the white mans gun.


They promised they had "come in peace,"

but we soon questioned, did they know what this means!?

For they murdered and plunders the reservations

with tactics harsh and absence.


They did not at all come in peace,

they did not even fight fair.

They with the skins like ghost,

killing the buffalo and the great bear.


They smoked the peace pipe,

but the smoke did not enter their hearts.

For they plundered and murdered my proud people

and torn this land apart.



© Written by Dominic John Gill  Created on 9/25/00