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Book 14 Page 21


The silhouette lady


The silhouette lady sits in her old cane chair, facing the t v screen as to the flickering ambient light, -to the outsider, - she can be seen.


Sitting there still near every night, I wonder if instead she would like to talk,

or perhaps go for a walk to break up her t v screen life.


And I wonder where she goes in her screen dreams and in her head as she gazes upon the box for hours before bed.


I wonder how the world looks to her as she looks upon the human race; watching the world go by dress up in her night time lace.


I wonder if she is in a twilight zone as she whiles away her elderly hours. In the same way people sat round fires like our ancient ancestors.


And as the silhouette lady sits there, she reminds me of a dream, or perhaps more like a Picasso scene, as she quietly and passively watches her screen.


Written by Dominic John Gill  8/3/00