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Book 24 Page 5


He said he would ring


He said he would ring,

Iíve been waiting home.

Iíve been waiting home

All alone.


Were could he be!?

Whatís he up to!?

He said he would ring by

a quarter two.


He said he would call me

and give me a blast.

And now! look at the time!

itís a quarter past.


Itís irresponsible, itís unreliable, itís undependable

And Oo-H itís such a simple task!

Heís doing it again,

heís putting me last.


And he thinks Iím supposed to put up with this.

Well heís got another thing coming.

If he hasnít rang by ten

Iím packing my things and going.


He said he would ring and he hasnít.

And Iím not ganna hang around forever!

 © Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 2/7/00