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Book 13 Page 25


It’s a ‘have to have to’ world


It’s a ‘have to have to’ world

from the day you're born

till the day you die.


And in this ‘have to have to’ world

there’s no place

to question why.


You have to be a good child,

you have to at least

not be wild.


For good children grow up to be good adults,

with the right poise and class and position

and style.


So firstly;

you have to go to school

and you have to

follow their rules.


Even if you think their rules are archaic

or unjust

or quite simply 'cruel.'



And then you ‘have to’ obey the law,

even if you think at times,

"what for!?"


Cause everyone knows 'the law is the law,'

as everyone knows,

two and two must always make four.


And you have to

do what your parents say,

for when they were young ‘they did they same.’


You have to go to church

you have to prey,

and to their god ... diligently obey.


And when you grow of a sexual age,

you ‘have to’ follow

the sexual norms.


For even here you have to suppress yourself

to conform

and correctly, sexually perform.



O it's a have to have to world,

with it's predetermined right and wrong ways to be,

which often has nothing to do with

being free.


Which often has nothing to do with 'you' being you,

and me being me.

It's just got to do with what happens when you ...

dare to disagree.


For all through life,

you have to do as you are told,

whether your young

or whether you are old.


Indeed ... life seems to be one big have to stressful game.
full of ‘have to’ stresses

and have to strains.


You 'have to' from the day you are born

till the day you die.

And sometimes you just have to wonder



Well ... you don't really have to ... and most don't!


© Written by Dominic John Gill 26/2/00