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Parody on a poem called "My Country," written by Dorethea Mackellar See site for original poem.

B 35 Pg 20


I donít love Australia


Parody on a poem called "My Country," written by Dorethea Mackellar



I donít love Australia having,

patrolled borders far and wide.

Of people becoming more and more insular day by day

from the troubles of the world outside.


I donít love Australiaís exploitation of people,

where indigenousness peopleís rights so often seem to come last.

Treated as a minor population,

along with Australiaís growing Ďpoorer classí


And I donít love this countries sheepish nature,

itís wiliness to follow the worldly powers that be.

Thatís not the country I fell in love with,

thatís not the larrikin spirit of peopleís Ďproud and free.í


I donít love its Ďone nationí leanings,

where one nation doesnít really mean a Ďcollective we.'

Thatís not truly what this land was founded on,

on ideologies of freedom and true democracy!


I donít love Australiaís internal fighting,

itís growing unease that there is 'never enough to go round.í

Where thereís constant friction between city dwellers

and the folks living in the towns.


No thatís not the wide brown land for me!


And so;

now when I look up to the southern stars

I often think to myself and lament,

I no longer love, ĎAustralia.í


© Written by Dominic John Gill Feb 10 2002