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Book 1 Page 22

The dancer



In the beginning there was darkness.

Where the universe now stands there was ‘nothing,’

no reason, no rhyme,

No logic, no time.


Then that mysterious force (shall we call it god!)

decided that there should be something,

some poetry, some place, something defined, some time and space.

So God created light and the physical universe was born into a world of time.


Planets and stars spun and weaved orbits amongst themselves, as if playing games.

On one planet rivers and winds tossed and turned in a glorious performance

and a magnificent change occurred,

life was formed.


Life’s dance was particularly beautiful for it possessed knowledge of ‘eternal wisdom,’for although it knew that the dance would eventually finish

it did not believe it had been left stranded by the god.

It knew that it was simply left for a time to perform its dance,

thus completing a cycle.


The dancer was not afraid for it knew it would return back to the light,

back to that mysterious force we call, ‘God.’

© Written by Dominic John Gill   0/ 03 1986