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A dream, I would like you to share




I have a dream I would like to share,

It talks about the universalness of space.

It’s a dream that brings you and me together

in some sort of, holly, place and grace.


But as I begin to tell you of the ‘love’ that binds us

the scientific thoughts of today seems to get in the way.

For nobody wants to know

of love’s powerful expansive play.


On the smallest scale, electrons orbit the nucleus.

On the larger scale, planets orbit the sun,

But simply; the greater connections has not been made

that unites them both as one.


For the science of today has not made the connection

between the small and the big, /

between you and me,

It is as though it simply 'has not twigged;'


That there is a relationship so strong it defies,

a much greater force than ‘physic’ implies.

For nobody wants to study the laws of ‘love,’

which govern below as well as above.


Which govern physics / biology and thought,

I cannot tell you my dream

in this restrictive scientific language and context

that we are taught.


So how can I tell you my dream

of how we are joined,

while this ethos’s restrain and remain

and enrapture mankind?


I wanted to tell you of my dream,

And now it seems,

It seems

I cannot say a word that you will believe.                     

 © Written by Dominic John Gill  25/2/99