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Book 30 Page 25


I turned chicken


“Come on I’ll take you on.”

“Come on! come on, you’re making me angry.

And all I could think of was,

How I could flee.


I didn’t want my head kicked in

By this six foot, mean and mussel bound crim.

I didn’t want to be kicked around like a rubbish bin.

So I ran, ran like the wind, ran like a chicken,


What was I to do!?

He was strong and I was weak.

He was mighty mean and,

So I just ‘Freaked.’


I ran like the wind,

Yes I turned chicken, chicken, chicken.

But I rather be chicken, chicken, chicken

than to have my face and body, kicked in / kicked in / kicked in.


© Written by Dominic John Gill Created on 2/13/2001